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Why would you rent a car in Miami? What a strange question, because only a personal vehicle gives true freedom of movement and comfort in a full way. And what a holiday without the freedom and comfort? Of course, you do not take a trip your "working" Mercedes, Audi or BMW. Leave them in the garage - let rest. Artis Co, LLC will make sure that you are moving not just from the comfort and in style!
From around the world gather in Miami, the richest and most successful people, so the car rental Florida put on a special level. Only here you will be asked to rent a variety of expensive, luxurious and fast cars, some will not find at other resorts. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley - exclusive models of these brands are always ready to go at your disposal.
Car rental in Miami - this is very simple.
If you're planning a long stay in Florida or are going to come here often, the company Artis Co, LLC will assist in obtaining local driver's license, which will be valid until the end visa. There should also be a bank card. If it is a debit, you will need a 100 percent advance payment, a credit card allows you to pay off the lease expires.
Car Rental in Miami